Katina Milonas, an aspiring lawyer, joined the Whitelaw McDonald team in September 2023 as a client liaison officer. Her role involves establishing strong relationship between the firm and its clients, liaising with clients by organising documentation and assisting the solicitors, ensuring that the client’s desirable outcome is understood and met with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

With a strong passion for the law, Katina is pursuing a Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Newcastle. With a drive for excellence and detail, she is on track to complete her Bachelor of Criminology by the end of 2024. Since joining the firm in September, Katina has played a crucial role in personal injury matters ranging from industrial deafness, workers compensation, and total and permanent disablement.

Katina’s particular interest for criminal law and personal injury law fuels her role within the firm. Her enthusiasm for personal injury law shows a desire to make a positive impact on individuals facing difficult challenges. Her interest in criminal law reflects a dedication to meet the client’s needs and ensure they feel understood and safe.

By establishing a strong relationship between the client and the firm, Katina uses this to communicate, empathise, and attend to the clients’ needs to the best of her ability. By actively listening to their concerns, queries, and expectations, Katina strives to create an environment where clients feel heard, understood, and valued.

Katina’s number 1 to do on her bucket list is to visit Iceland, followed by Switzerland and France.